Friday, March 2, 2012

My first mini!

Here it goes -- pics of my first mini album. Ages ago I bought a MME Lost and Found Union Square kit from Scrapbooksteals (of course) but was to intimidated to use it because of two little chipboard pieces attached with rings. I knew that a making a mini was something I wasn't ready for yet. I can't explain why I suddenly felt the need to attack the project, but eh, I did so here we go!

I started with the front and back covers, knowing that they needed to balance each other and would set the tone for the book.

While working through the title I decided that the book would be about the Scientist and our boys. Because of our work situation he gets to spend more time with them then my father ever could with me (because of his job) and I wanted to make sure they understood how important that is for me. That I LOVE how much they love each other.

I only designed on the right side of the two page spread. 

Page 1

Page 2

For page 3 I used a technique that isn't new to the industry but was a first for me - rolled paper. That sure took a long time (and a lot of paper!).

Page 3

Can I just say, that while I adore the look - I really, really don't like fussy cutting. It is just sooooo fussy.

Page 4

This was the first page I did, which means it should be page 1, right?! Well, I decided I liked the look of the crepe paper poking out the bottom the whole time.

Page 5

I really like that the title for page 6 doesn't indicate which of them is "charming, adorable, and ever so sweet." This is probably one of my favorite pictures I've taken of Squirrel with the Scientist.

Page 6
The completed album, closed. Not so bad for a first time.

Completed album
I just got a new mini too - the MME Lush 2 in Orange (shhh, I know, I wasn't supposed to buy anything yet but I couldn't pass it up). Maybe for that book I'll look into doing some hidden journaling or something. I can't wait!


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