About Jessica


I have been a crafter my entire life - early on the kind of stuff that could be easily replicated from craft fairs. Crafting is one of those things that I got from hanging out with my mom. Almost every year at least one loved one would get a hand crafted present for Christmas - whatever our current project of choice was. Hardly ever the same type of craft from one year to the next.

While in college I switched majors from Theatre (because who can make a career in that anyway, not many!) to Communications. Crafting went to the wayside but telling stories became a priority. Years spent in high school yearbook segued into college yearbook and a journalism minor with a major in public relations. Spending a lot of time telling other people's stories.

Following my university years I had a very brief stint as a journalist (so not for me!) and have spent the rest of the time as a barista.

While in college I met and married David. We have two children.

It was having kids that caused me to get into scrapbooking. By the time the oldest was 8 months old I had hundreds of photos of him, but they were locked away on the computer. No one could enjoy them. And then, if I printed them, what was I going to do? Put them in an album? What about the story? I had to tell it, even if it was mundane and I was the only one who'd ever care. Because of my yearbook and journalism experience the presentation of that story was important from day one, and I've learned a lot since that first day. I began this paper journey in 2009 and can't wait to see where the story continues to take me.

Care to join the adventure?

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