Monday, December 3, 2012

Noel, noel, noel

I don't know how many of you have heard of December Daily, but I only heard about it...4 days ago. And I love the idea! I think mini books are super cute but never have a "reason" to make one. The logic behind December Daily is to prep pages before the hustle and bustle and after the New Year you'll have a fab mini album. There's kits you can buy online to help with that process. 

Well, given that I only found out about it days ago, I'll be playing along with the concept and doing it totally on the fly. What I'm gonna do is just take lots of pictures and notes and if it takes me until February to finish it, well, it takes until February!

BUT I did get a start on it, for Kerys' blog challenge I completed my first page. Yay me! And by completed I mean, I journaled on it but there's no photo yet because I'm gonna print them all at once.

Kerys and some of her friends team up to provide a fun challenge every month. This month they chose to spell the word "Noel" through their recipe. Things needed to meet all the requirements for bonus entries are as follows:
N - Number in the title/subtitle (yep! Day 1 isn't much of a title, but it's what I gave it.)
O - Oval (tucked in on top of that tag)
E -  Eyelets (at least 5 - helloooo for an excuse to use these babies that I was given!)
L - List of three things -or- use lined paper (I went the lined paper route, you can almost see the lines in the pic)

Also really fun here, I used the Tiny Accents Star from Kiwi Lane to act as a mask and sprayed a whole bunch on the page. When the mist started pooling to much I'd shake the excess liquid onto the paper to make the splatters. 

Now to figure out what I'm gonna use for my cover. And how in the world I'm gonna bind the thing. Maybe if I'm really good Santa'll get me a Cinch for Christmas?

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  1. nice page! love the misting! Thanks for playing along with our blog challenges! :)


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