Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Earth without art

So my family is in a planetary obsessed phase right now. Vance is into all things planets, rockets, moons. That was the theme of his recent birthday party. The dust around stars is what hubby's studying for his dissertation (don't ask, I don't understand much more of it than that!). 

When I was feeling a little creative but not so scrappy this weekend I busted out a canvas I'd picked up at goodwill and started redecorating it. Earth-themed of course! 

Sort of. 

Now, I have never taken a painting class in my life and many artists out there will know all the reasons why this piece is horrible, but as an expression of myself off the page and into mixed media it was a huge first step that makes me proud.


  1. This is amazing Jessica, great use of Thickers on there and love the little hearts! What a fabulous piece of art!

  2. I think your art is very clever. I tell Brandy all the time, you think your art didn't "work out" when really it doesn't look like what was in your head. The rest of us look at it for the first time and have no idea that it doesn't look the "right" way. Your are is interesting and the pictures really capture the final product. Nice job.


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