Friday, September 27, 2013

Practical Scrappers September Layout

*Yawn* After a day of traveling to the Scrapbooksteals Retreat I'm wiped, but wanted to make sure this posted. Psych! I actually pre-scheduled this one knowing I'd be away, sleeping in and without little darlings waking me up, crafting to my heart's content. I'm on a Mommy-Vacay!! Today is our main classes day so I guarantee you that I'm excited about all the goodies I get to play with and the people I get to meet. :)

Anyway, today is the layout sketch day at Practical Scrappers, and here's my interpretation. Head over to the blog to see the sketch and check out all the other inspiration the design team has ready for you!

While I was working on it I realized I could utilize this layout to meet the SWAT Drill 15: stamp, sew, spray/splatter so I'm linking it up over there too. 

Here's my stamping, in modeling paste:

If you didn't notice, there's a bit of misting/spraying/splattering that happened in that part of the layout. I love splatters, misting continues to allude me.

Above is the top of the layout, check out all the textures and layers from my bin o' scraps.YUM! And below you'll notice my little hand-stitched heart. I traced around a heart stamp and then poked holes to create the shape before even threading a needle. So quick and a perfect little touch.

Okay, question time. I often have photos of the boys that are slightly blurry (helllloo preschoolers!). Do you scrap your "lesser" quality images? It doesn't seem like many do it but sometimes I do if it meets a need! You'll see that the cat's eyes are burnt out in the left picture - that's because I had to use flash to take that one. I noticed she was sleeping on him when I was leaving for work (4:30 am!) and just *had* to have the photo so much that I risked flash! 

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  1. First word- jealous. Second word- enjoy! Third word- cool. In that order! I don't usually scrap blurry pictures unless I have to- as the kids got older the need to use them diminished. The "posed" picture count increases as they become aware of what they look like though too! ;)


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