Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My first attempt at pocket pages

A few months back I bought some Project Life cards at my LSS' stash sale and finally got around to testing them out while at a crop. I'm not so sold on it as my style, I definitely won't be going to PL as a regular thing BUT I love the idea of using it for those events where you have tons of pictures and couldn't possibly scrap them all. 

I'm thinking I should go back and add some fun embellies now that I'm home. 


  1. Yeah- I see it not being your go to style either. I just love the layered alterations that are typical of your work. Still, you're right there are sets of pictures this will work well to get documented the story. Nice!

  2. super fun pocket pages!!! your pages are so fun, they are perfect for events with tons of pics!!


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