Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Authentique Splendid cards

Here's another batch of cards done using homemade paper as the base. All the embellishments are from Authentique's Splendid - I have tons of the little pop out embellies so even the large parts are just the pop out sheets turned upside down. Haha. 

There's more from where those embellishments came from and I'm really pushing to use some of my stash again so look forward to seeing another batch. I am most of the way through my most recent batch of homemade paper though so I'll either have to make more (using those scraps that are to small to use) or just use more paper. 

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  1. What a great set of cards. You are on a card roll, once again inspiring me with your dedication to using up the stash. It is encouraging that you make such pretty things with what I consider the leftovers! Keep it up, girl.


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