Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cozy Christmas

I've recently gotten started using some pocket pages again. Things are going better than my first foray into pockets

I pulled out some photos from two years ago to do a class using Simple Stories Cozy Christmas for the store. We have a lot of customers who look at the pockets and journaling cards and don't end up buying so I'm hoping that some of these types of classes will inspire them to take the plunge.

I know that, for me at least, pockets will never be my dominant style but I'm really liking them for event photos. And I'm looking forward to using some of the tools that just got debuted at CHA. 


  1. All four pages are utterly charming. You know that how lovely the layouts are, I can't get past how perfect those photos are. The tiny hands pressing on a roof or the face utterly lost in a mug of what I assume must be cocoa. Your subjects are beyond adorable. Nice job, I say keep up the experimenting with pockets. You'd sell them to me!

  2. LOVE the pages you shared!!! Great job with that line!!


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