Monday, February 2, 2015

molly pocket pages

Last week I promised more pocket page activity - here's some using Bella Blvd's Molly. It was just a little to pinky for photos of the boys so I busted out some photos from my freshman year in college. 

Double page layout 1: nothing to exciting here, though I did do a little doodling around the hearts because the page was to plain. Hoping my class doesn't decide to throw their pens at me for that one. 

Double page layout 2: I really wanted to show that there are a variety of ways to do journaling when you are using pocket pages. 

Double page layout 3: Another thing I wanted to highlight was that decorating photos/cropping them really helps keep the focus on the photos instead of whatever was going on in the background, particularly in older photos when you didn't have all the processing options you have today with a point and shoot. 

Double page layout 4: 


  1. I like them! Your creative journaling is one of the reasons I've stuck around! So inspiring the way you look for alternatives to the square (or rectangle) piece of solid cardstock with writing on it. These are lovely!

  2. Fun and fantastic pages! Love your use of Bella Blvd.


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