Sunday, January 10, 2016

Planner numeral stickers

It was with great excitement that I launched into filling out the dates in my Simple Stories Carpe Diem planner this week - I had just gotten it in the mail and decided that a year's worth of dates needed to be on the calendar pages ASAP. Ha! I got sidelined quickly when I filled out March and was off by one day the entire month. I rummaged through all of my scrapbooking supplies but didn't have a month's worth of small number stickers that would cover embellish my mistake.

I set out to make my own. And while I was painstakingly editing the file the hubs asked if I was going to share them on my blog and put all that effort to good use. I decided that it wasn't such a bad idea. So here you are, a free and editable Silhouette Studio file to use in your planner/crafting. I printed them on Silhouette White Sticker paper and then used my Cameo to cut them out. One sheet is a year's worth of numerals and I grouped them so that the colors are editable in groups by month. 

Calendar Numerals File - .studio file

I've never tried to file share on the ol'blog before, hopefully this works.


  1. Dude - it worked! I think I was less afraid of your errors than mine, but I got the file, opened and could see all your hard work. I don't do a planner, but I do calendars so I've saved your hard work from over here! My good friend Keri gifted me her Silhouette and so now I'm trying to figure it out. Yay me!

    I hope your holidays were spectacular and you are basking in the glory of a well documented planner.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad it worked.

    And what a lucky lady, gifted a Silhouette. Let me know if you have questions.


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