Thursday, September 20, 2012

Coral 1 - in two takes

It's not often that I find the time to do a repeat of a sketch. But I'd really liked the sketch that Kristy Lee provided for this week's MWM Coral 1. And I really didn't like my first interpretation of it. 

While working on it Wednesday, it sort of came together on it's own and I was loving it! But when I stopped to take a picture I felt like it was way busy. So many patterns! EEk! 

Looking at it while editing it I realized that it wasn't as bad as I'd felt it looked like so it was sort of a bonus that had already scrapped a second instead because now I have two more pages done. 

My favorite feature of this one is the library card pocket - 10 pictures of average scenery shot from a moving car are tucked into that little wonder. 10 on a page? Nice. 

Okay, and then I was just plain entertained by the title "Not Just a Hobbit Tale There & Back Again"

The pictures are of our drive to Lewiston, ID for a family reunion and then back to Seattle during vacation. There and Back. I die. 

This one still has a lot going on, lots of paper scraps used, but cutting the circle to a semi-circle opened it up a lot. You can tell on one slice, but three of the slices have foam dots with their corresponding piece from the other half, providing dimension. I really liked the effect it gave.

All those little pennants and banner pieces are stash scraps. I know that some are from Fancy Pants Designs and Imaginesce but couldn't tell you which collections to save my life!

Everything got a good old school inking and then I ran a WRMK heart distresser over everything!

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