Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CSI: 37 Camera Hog

I love when I'm taking a photo and know that it's totally a scrapbook story just because of the process it took to get the shot! There's nothing fabulous about these photos, but Squishy trying to get in the picture the whole time made it funnier and therefore a memorable part of life. Let's face it, the boys do that sort of thing a lot but normally I'm not already trying to take a picture!

For this month CSI has partnered with Once Upon a Sketch and I've loved their sketches and have happily used them to solve the case.

Camera Hog

So in addition to the sketch and the colors I used the following elements:

  • Wrappers/Packaging -- see Charity's blog for the inspiration I used to make the flowers
  • Pen work/doodling
  • Circles - paisley, in the pictures, the brads, the washi

My testimony used the following elements:

  • handwritten
  • note paper

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  1. Woop woop!!! I get to be part of Jessica's blog today! Thanks for reposting and showing me what you did with that tutorial!!!


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