Monday, November 5, 2012

Buds and bros

Normally, I just do pages about one or the other boy, or at least where one was very much the dominant kiddo. That's my attempt to make sure they realize they were equally important to me (let's just say a lot of my childhood pictures have me in them but aren't necessarily a picture of anyone in particular).

But every time I looked at this picture I was struck at how into each other my boys were/are. Truly enjoying each other's company and liking each other. So I wrote them a little note talking about how much they loved each other and how a lot of times the "fighting" was because they were trying to enjoy the same things. Maybe when they grow up they'll look back at this moment and see that for themselves.

For this page I used some American Crafts Thickers and the last of my Fancy Pants Rough and Tough. I'm kind of sad to see that one go!

Maybe now that I'm back into a crafting groove I'll be able to start adding to my card collection and doing some challenges again. Anyone have a favorite challenge that I should try?

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