Friday, November 23, 2012

Love those guys

I have a love/hate relationship with grids. I LOVE how they look when others do them. I HATE making my own, they never turn out "right." Read as "I can't keep the lines straight without going crazy with measuring so I give up."

So this week's Let's Get Sketchy's dominant element, in my opinion, was the grid background with a banner under the picture. I tried to keep with that and just make it look a little extra homemade to mask some of my less than perfect-ness. 

You can see threads dangling where I just stopped sewing, or where the thread tension was off and I lost stitches. Nothing is centered or straight, though the columns are fairly close. Close enough to call them columns. 

I think I might have to start an album and call it "Grandparents," and store all those pics in it because that's where this one belongs! And I have more of the other grandparents to scrap soon - and that doesn't include all the holiday events that loom in the near future.

Better go charge the camera!

How do you album your pages? So far I've got a book for each of the boys' years of life, plus one for things about me. I'm thinking to pull the Christmas pages from older books and start Christmas books for the family in general. Plus this Grandparents book. 


  1. Your layout is adorable! You did an amazing job with the grid background. The separation of layouts into different albums sounds great! Thanks so much for joining us at Let's Get Sketchy!

  2. too cute, great job with the sketch. thanks for joining us at LGS!

  3. Cute! Loved that MME collection too :) Thanks so much for linking up with Let's Get Sketchy.

  4. I think you did a fantastic job on the grids. Such a cute layout! Thank you for joining us at LGS!!

  5. Such a cute page! I love the collection you used! Great take on the sketch. Thanks for joining us at LGS :-)

  6. So Cute! Thanks so much for playing along with us at LGS!

  7. Love the "homemade" feel of your layout! Wonderful use of the sketch! Thanks for playing along at LGS


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