Monday, April 29, 2013

Altered frames

If you're here for Paper Girls Challenge Blog Hop, head here but make sure to come back and stay awhile.

This weekend we had to run into Target for 1 (ONE) thing, and naturally came out with way more! Love that place, but that's really not important, what is cool are these little frames that I picked up in the dollar section of the store. 

All fine and dandy, but maybe a bit to bright AND I don't have any photos I really wanted to put into them. What I did need was something a bit more special to send to some friends - something more than a card. So I took some sentiment/title type cards from a couple of MME lines - Indie Chic and Miss Caroline and set to work altering the frames and decorating. 

Each frame was sanded and reinked, though the pink isn't quite as dramatic. I know I'd love to get one of these little babies in the mail, I sure hope they do too!

I'm linking this up to the MCM - Alter it!  

Want to know what else I did this weekend? Finished up that baby book I've been working on, come back tomorrow for photos!!! So exciting!


  1. These frames are just lovely. I super enjoy the paint on them- it does change them considerably. These will look just adorable tucked into a corner or under a cabinet to remind your friends of your care. Great job!

  2. I love these! I just bought 9 of these a few weeks ago because I wanted to put a picture for each year to display at my daughter's birthday party this weekend. Now I have the frames leftover and this is an awesome project for a few! :)



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