Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Two more done for my Rockin' baby book

Back with another baby book page - I was really jonesing for a double page sketch and my favorite source for those was featuring a single so I went in search of something to speak to me. Actually, I was going to take a break from working on the book and comment on posts for Scrap Your Story and scrolled past this page for this week's challenge (stitching, if you're curious) by fellow DT member, Brandi

It spoke to me. So I went back to my paper and will have to go back to commenting later. I kept the idea of those photos hanging on a clothesline (though mine aren't on a line per se), stretched the concept to a double 8x8 (so 16 inches) and went with it. 

There's two tags in the November pocket and then partially stamped lines throughout the grey background that way the mama can write lots of things about both months if she wants. Baby's first Christmas is a big deal after all!

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  1. I think all your ideas for increasing the number of pictures is simply brilliant. You've kept it fresh each time. I personally like to use a lot of photos per page, so I am digging this album. The mama will too, I'm sure! Keep on keeping on!


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