Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Practical Scrappers - 10 Things Tuesday - letter stickers

Today at Practical Scrappers we're bringing you 10 Things to do with letter stickers. I made this way fun background with a bunch of black sticker letters and then die cut out circles to show the paper underneath and to act as frames for my photos. 

All the letters I used for the page were from alpha packs where I didn't have many normal titles left, I mean, there's only so many words with the letter "u." There are letters from 3 Bugs in a Rug, Pebbles, and Echo Park. 

The page is about the boys using one of those kiddie video game/exercise bikes not hooked up but as a way to reenact The Lorax. They even went so far as to make sure their costume included a bike helmet and air plane pilots goggles since the main character, Ted, wears them while riding. Safety first! Ahh, the irony, Vance's injury that I scrapped here happened on "Ted's Motorcycle" and did not involve his noggin.

Anywho, after creating that page I just had to find uses for some of those circles I'd cut so I made a couple of cards. I just love how the randomly placed letters look as a design element on the cards!

Now I sort of wonder if multi-colored alphas would look as good... in the meantime, head back to Practical Scrappers and check out what the rest of the design team has prepared. 


  1. Love the layout and I really like how =you came up with 3 great cards from the leftovers.

  2. Who can get past that adorable picture with goggles? I just want to come over and watch all day... The layout is great, but your Rock On card takes the cake. Maybe it's the letters, but a clever Rock On is not missed by me. You scored with this crafty session!

    1. The Rock On card is my favorite too!

      And they are a mess, you'd be entertained for hours. I need to get some good photos of them with our kitten because she brought quite a new level to their capacity to entertain.


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