Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ten Things Tags

Tags are one of those paper crafts areas that I really haven't delved into. Sure I use them on a pages or layouts on occasion, but they aren't the elaborate ones that people make and trade around. I wanted to make my Practical Scrappers 10 Things Tags post something more along that line than I've typically done.

I recently went through and labeled all the toy boxes/baskets in the house using the name tag badges and a couple of luggage tags like this one: 

In the boys' room I didn't care that the tag looked nice so I'd just scribbled the label on the insert on the reverse side, but the basket that I decided to decorate sits in the living room and is the toy time out basket. It needed to be nicer, slightly masculine, but still have texture.

The base paper that I used to cover the tag is MME Kraft Funday. Both large stickers are from EP This and That Charming. The alphas are Glitz Designs. The bottom gem is a WRMK eyelet. Both the jute and top gem are from packaging around some Bo Bunny trims. The brown ribbon is MME Lost and Found.

And here it is, hanging on the basket:

What's your favorite way to use tags?

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  1. I love it! That sentiment is perfect for the tag! I don't use a lot of tags, but I've made my fair share. Mostly, this is the method I use to try out a technique. If it works wonderfully, it will find it's way into a card (maybe even a layout with my recent boost in scrapbooking!). If it only works so so, the tag can remain my reminder of the technique and I practice on real projects to get better.


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