Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Countdown chain

Ten Things Tuesday again at Practical Scrappers and we're all about using border punches. I nearly didn't sign up for this one because I don't really own many punches, and then I remembered some seldom used American Crafts Knock Out punches and I merrily signed my name. Then I remembered that I have a Christmas set, not to be dissuaded I pulled them out a started playing around.

I discovered that the Christmas tree punch looks a lot like lacey edging when done in strips.

That realization caused me to punch every single link in a chain I was going to make anyway - counting down until the Scrapbooksteals Retreat. 

Fifty links later, I'd had to sharpen and lubricate the punch a couple of times. Let the count down begin!


  1. I'm super wishing I was independently wealthy and the 28th wasn't an invitational for my daughter's marching band so that we could meet up at the retreat. I'd probably overcome the independently wealthy part, but I don't think I can reasonably miss the invitational. Maybe next time...

    Love the countdown chain. Build that anticipation...

    1. You're to funny, while I would never want you to miss the invitational, maybe both of us can start saving our pennies now and I can fly out again next year? Because meeting you IRL would be awesome.

      I do love a countdown chain, mom made fun of me for ages because I kept making them long after I should have "outgrown" the need. Can't wait until I can brainwash the boys into wanting chains for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

  2. Hi Dear
    tks for your visit and lovely comment in my page
    so, answering your question...the polka dots is a paper and I punched around and put in other paper


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