Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Photobomb Level: Mommy

This week I've had some opportunity to scrap just for fun. I pulled out my modeling paste and mists and set to work with an unused stencil. 

When I took this photo Vance was refusing to allow me to photograph him playing with his Dusty Crophopper toy so I pretended like I was taking a photo of me. The title, "#PhotobombLevel: Mommy," was what I posted with it when Iuploaded it to Instagram. 

Can I just say how much I love that the modeling paste went on unevenly enough that you can see the paper print through?! 

After I had most of it planned out I slathered on some gel medium and started sprinkling Studio Calico wood veneers. I sealed them in with another thin coat of gel medium. 


  1. This turned out awesome and what a great pic. I love scrapping candids like this! :) :)

  2. Perfect sentiment/tag line. You should love how unevenly the paste went on- the result is fabulous. I really like how you used the letters- ingenious.

  3. What a neat layout. Love what you did with the wood letters!


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