Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Take to the Sky

While David was out of state for an annual conference some of my online girlies and I were talking about our serious need to create, and to create more often than just because something was assigned. I plunged right in and by the point that I'd made this layout he'd only been gone 5 days and I'd made as many layouts, a mixed media piece, and a card. Now some of those did end up getting used as DT projects but I was just having so much fun getting it done that it was like breathing to create them. LOVE that feeling.

This was just for fun. I love that I got four photos onto it AND used a bunch of misfit Thickers. I used the Cameo to cut the starburst on a piece of "ugly" single sided cardstock and then saturated it with black gelatto. I also painted between some of the points in order to have that big chunky one to journal between.

I almost don't need to tell you how excited I was to use up those speech bubbles, I painted over the original text and put them to work. They've been laughing at me from their home in my stash for more than two years, it was time to show them who's the boss!


  1. That's right, take over boss! What a lovely layout. One of the things that I just love about your work is how personal and intimate your final product is. I can hear and taste that day with those boys whom I've never met. It is your work that takes me there. Great job.

    1. <3, seriously the best comment ever! I can only hope they "get" it in the same kind of way when they're big.

  2. This is just so awesome!! I love the journaling in the rays....really great job!!


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