Sunday, May 18, 2014

Beautiful Place Canvas

Remember how I've talked about how into mixed media techniques my local scrapbook store is? Well, I tried my hand at another canvas for them. The only things Dala asked me to use were some Bo Bunny embellishments and the new(ish) Mod Podge molds, the rest was up to me. 

There's lots of tissue and modeling paste. I don't know what those gem things are but I got them for super cheap when Archivers was going out of business.

Here you can read the sentiment a little better, it's from a Donna Downey Unity Stamp. And check out that little pink frame! That's one of those Mod Podge molded shapes, I just painted over it. 

The creamy colored border here is another of the Mod Podge shapes in the original color. I love that the texture is so rich with these things! If you have no idea what I'm talking about - Mod Podge released a series of silicon molds that you use with their special glue sticks. You use a high temp glue gun and squeeze the glue into the mold. I've read about people using regular glue sticks with so so success (I'd definitely want to paint them if I did that!). This was my first time using them though so I didn't play around at that level, plus the molds were ones I'd borrowed from the store. Now that I have my own...

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  1. This is all you, girl! So artsy and fun. I hear so much Bo Bunny bashing, but you've rocked it with this layout and the altering making it clear that Bo Bunny is not one dimensional or "old". Great job!


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