Saturday, May 31, 2014

Memorabilia mini album

I made this one a few months ago and never shared it! GASP! So here's some shots of a free-standing mini album that I made with Teresa Collins' Memorabilia line and some Heidi Swapp pennants that I picked up Archiver's last day of business. 

Those of you who've witnessed one of my mini albums are prepared for the photo onslaught coming your way. 

Page 2, or maybe page 1. The book is at my LSS until we have the class and since it's been a while since I made it the pages here are in something close to the right order. 

I may have over done it with the flaps in this book!

Oh! Look another flap page. 

This page is sooo lame by comparison. Just kidding, look at all that dimension. Are you noticing how many things poke out on the sides?

This "page" needs three shots to do it justice because of the flaps: 

And the last page - you've almost made it to the end.

And from the side so you can see all the layers and dimension.

Now to get it back and fill it with fun photos and memorabilia.


  1. Beautiful Mini- love all the papers together

  2. Love how you used this collection in a mini album. Brilliant!!

  3. Wow! That is one nice mini-album and I don't think I can ever accuse you of going overboard with the flaps. It just makes such a nice finish. Plus, your manicure looks like you got it just to show off this book- was that a happy accident? The style and color is just right!


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