Friday, June 27, 2014

This Moment in Time

Sure, I had a pile of product from the scrapbook store I needed to work on but one afternoon a few weeks ago I remembered I had this 7Gypsies tray and set to work (at playing).

I'd gotten the tray in a swap, my friend had included a set of 7Gypsies paper scraps with it. I loved the clock elements and wanted to incorporate a time theme into the piece. 

The bike because it is a way to keep moving, stars are a fixed point that can guide us, and as a call to remember it all, keys.

There's some other embellishments that are just complementary to the look - the flower, some of the charms, gears, etc.

A good chunk of the way through the project I realized that I could, in fact, turn this into something that might be helpful at the store and I pulled out my Mod Podge molds and gold Mod Podge sticks. The steampunk type elements were a fun addition AND Dala was quite happy to let me display this as a sample of one way to use them. 

The day was not lost after all. 

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