Monday, June 9, 2014

Vance Summer School

In our community, students entering kindergarten in the fall may attend the summer school session preceding, so we decided to enroll Vance as a way to help him adjust to a more structured life. Not that we don't have routines, but let's just say that nothing happens Ya know?! Well, summer school starts today so I'm probably having to help Rylan figure out how to entertain himself for hours on end without a big brother to play with - guess Vance isn't the only one who needs an adjustment period. 

As part of my mental preparation for this important week I created a layout using my current favorite line, BasicGrey's Mon Ami and all I still have to do is print off a photo and slap it onto this layout about his first day.

Good planning, no? 

This page is actually the leftover bits and pieces from a variety of layouts I've been working on, including one that'll be a class at Soul Sentiments this summer. 

How about using part of the alphas sheet as a background element? Totally cool for a "school" themed page! Not gonna lie, while I have done it before it wasn't mentally on my radar until I read Becki Adams' post about using some of her mismatched alphas. Oh, the things with alphas that I'm gonna be trying in the next several weeks. 


  1. I love that you're creating layouts in preparation for a big event! What a great idea! <3 Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog :)

  2. I love that you get ahead like this- ready to slap a photo on. I hope the adjustment is going well. Most kids really enjoy school once they get use to the change. Here's hoping that summer school affords Vance a chance to adjust early. Kindergarten- so exciting!!


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