Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Spooky Fun!

I will gladly admit that until last year I had never decorated for Halloween. As a matter of fact, I thought it was silliness. Growing up we didn't do much with the day at all - maybe a carnival at the church and some candy that was shared by all. But my boys loved that stupid paper skeleton I purchased so much last October that I felt like this year I'd up the ante.

You already saw the Mourner's Hat I made.

I also "cooked up" these potion bottles with Silhouette store Print and Cut files and a collection of bottles pulled from the recycling bin. To colorize the bottles I mixed spray mists with Mod Podge and let them with a mix of forced air and slow air drying. Once they were totally dry I put water back in them, this will and is re-hydrating the Mod Podge but they are totally murky and awesome. 

I also cut out a witches boot on the Silhouette Cameo, embellishing it with some old lace, twine, and flowers. That dollar store raven was a nice complement for the flatness of the boot. 

I also worked up a canvas using Viva Decor paints and some Thermoweb foil.

And finally, a couple of views of the rest of the kitchen/dining area:

Next year, creepy candles are totally on my agenda! And probably more flying bats. 

In the meantime I'm starting to work up some fall themed decor for the living room, much of which will probably migrate to the kitchen for November. How do you decorate for Fall and or Halloween?

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  1. This is so fun Jessica! I think your mourner's hat takes the prize, but that raven! I admit to having done more decorating whe n my kids were little. Niw, work takes over more. Still, you might make me get my stuff out this year!


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