Sunday, July 29, 2012

Digital scrapbooking

When I was pregnant with Squirrel I *really* wanted to digitally scrapbook. For some reason it appealed to me more than the traditional books my mom would work on. I never really got into it. I have a disk with a few baby-ish files and the album that came with it. I think I looked at it twice. I didn't like being in front of the computer that much, and the software that came with that disk, to put it mildly STUNK.

So, here I am 3 years into papercrafting and I've spent the better part of the week researching digital books. Why? Well, my in-laws want me to create a scrapbook of the reunion we went to this summer. Now their idea of a scrapbook is probably to slap pics on a page with a note about who is in the pictures, but since they asked me to do it this thing is gonna look a little more artsy. Okay, a lot more artsy.

I'm looking to go digital with it to save money, and preserve my scrap stash for, uh, me, since most of them aren't dying to have Prima flowers or Authentique paper or BoBunny ribbons or Thickers or, you get the idea.

I'd sort of like to still share my work here, but am a little confused as to how to give resource credit. Do any of you digitally scrap? How do you keep track of which products you are using so that you can post it online? I've already created a couple of pages toward that book, but I'm not used to that stash enough yet to look at pages and know which random blog that had a freebie I pulled it from.

In the meantime, I'll share a picture of Squirrel testing out his photography skills while I was crafting today. This camera already has a scratch on the lens, making it perfect for a 3.5 year old.

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