Sunday, July 15, 2012

Upcycled Tea Tins

While catching up on some of my favorite manufacturer blogs I stumbled across a post on Authentique where the blogger had repurposed tea tins as pen cups by redecorating them.

Now I don't know if you realize this, but as a Barista I get a pound of coffee or a tin of tea every week. Free.  That's a lot of potential waste! I've held onto several of the actual tins since we switched from cardboard boxes, most have been donated to charities or to other Baristas with projects. I finally found a project I wanted to use mine to do.

Container of Crayola Glitter Glue (I like to use these instead of Stickles for cards I'll give away. Stickles are just so expensive, though I do prefer their quality for my pages.)

This one got all my Snake Tape runners. 

I love having these little extras more accessible, plus it freed up space in my Silhouette Advent Calendar for some of my Washi obsession. 

Both tins have MME Lost and Found Union Square bases, with Authentique die cuts. The top tin has two buttons from Paper Studios Affinity and some MME Lush Brown ribbon and generic floss. The bottom tin has some Michael's $1 bin Rhinestone clusters (broken up to fit the space) and the scalloped papers have Crackle Accents. I used a Quickdry liquid adhesive to get them really stuck in place.

Fairly simple, this project took less than 20 minutes. I foresee a lot of tea in my future because these would make awesome packages for Christmas cookies for our neighbors!

Now to find a use for all those coffee bags.

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