Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Half-baked Wednesday: Quinoa and mango

With trying to eat cleaner and finding ways to save money I had to consider finding some decent vegetarian dishes that the Carnivores in my life will eat. I capitalized it because they are that into their meat! 

This is a quinoa burger that I made, I used a recipe from Dish on Delish. They really were that yellow (grains meet white beans meet carrots, no surprise) and the only reason these two stayed together is that I allowed the bottom to char on them and create a permanent shape. They were served with a pita and yogurt sauce, pretty tasty even if they were UGLY and very much a first attempt at "burgers."

Last week while I was planning the menu I also came across a great deal on mango so I bought a lot. A LOT. Like more than 10. We love mango around here, and the guys would eat dried mango all day every day if I were willing to buy enough. Dried mango is pricey and saturated in sugars. So I bought a dehydrator and set to work to make my own. 

Still working out the kinks regarding how long to leave them drying, how thin to cut, etc. But they don't seem to mind. I dried 10 of the mangoes in two days and two days later all of it's gone! Yep, they ate all of it. Good thing I have some more to dry still...

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