Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cards and more cards

I spent last weekend at my mom's, which means we made lots of cards. I guess I should say I finished lots of cards and she made a couple!

Remember a few days ago when I was talking about my scrappy card backgrounds? Well, while there I used them all. AND I did it using misfit products leftover from various kits.

One really good shot of a card because it uses my current favorite stamp which happens to be from Unity Stamp Company: 

Aside, my mom was really embarrassed that I had an underwear stamp! ;)

I didn't want to overwhelm with a huge post so here's a round up of the rest of the lovelies. But you get the idea.

I wonder if that box for Operation Write Home is finally full? It seems I've been working on it forever.


  1. This is just too funny! I love it!

  2. I laugh out loud- first that you own an underwear stamp (potty trained both those boys yet? methinks you might later have enough of underwear to put those away???), second- that you found such a perfect use for it!!, and finally- that your mom was embarrassed by the whole thing! My mom would also find it a little absurd!! :) Great set of card. OWH will appreciate the variety!


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