Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hello Card- Kiwi Lane DT Doodles

If you're here for the Blog Hop, head this way. But feel free to come back and stay awhile.

I was elated to discover that this week's DT Doodles at Kiwi Lane included both card and page sketches. I've been trying to fill that box for Operation Write Home so getting a little inspiration for my cards was super handy. 

This card was inspired in two ways. I used one of the card sketches that Gail had provided and I decided to try out the glue down spiraled twine into a shape like she had done for the flower center. 

To bad I didn't have time to get to those page sketches, I'll just have to file them away for someday when I'm lacking mojo.


  1. Cute card and a great use of patterned paper. Looks like you've anticipated playing with patterned papers???!?

  2. Bwahaha. No, most of my paper play is patterned, but it still might be a fun class.


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