Friday, March 29, 2013

Scrap Your Story - cork

For a good two days all I could think about was what I was going to make out of cork for this week's Scrap Your Story challenge - very intimidating since I didn't have any. I also kept thinking about all the cork projects I'd seen. All. Over. Pinterest. 

Common theme there? Wine Corks. That's a whole-lotta dimension on the page until I realized that I could just cut them. 

Let's start with how I did that - using my bread knife I shaved off the curved sides to make the whole cork flat. Then I halved the cork pieces length-wise. Easy enough, right? In theory it is but it does take a little bit of sawing effort to get through the material. If you have access to a saw it might be better to use one. ;)

I really like how they turned out sort of brick like - it complements the background of the photo. 

Then I added brads to them, hoping to give them just a bit more of that brick effect. The cork is so thick still that the brads barely poke through the back. I was fresh out of my Scotch Quick Dry adhesive but had decent success with my Zig pen, we'll see how it holds up in the end and if I have to touch it up. 

I decided to go with flowers because I felt that they contrasted nicely with the roughness of the cork. I know, I know they're pink but I'm okay with that. My Sew Stamper just sort of finished off the page.


  1. Great layout! LOVE how you use the cork - looks like bricks! Love the pop of color with the flowers too! Hoping to join in this challenge this week :-)

  2. Oh yeah! The cork does look like bricks, the brads do help make that more so and this picture is absolutely adorable (I say that a lot about your sons, hmmm!). I don't always read your journaling because it sometimes seems a little like I'm crossing the privacy line, but I read every word here. I had a "serious" first born son too. My second (a girl) drew him out as well and one of my lifetime favorite videos is Tim entertaining Katie till she throws back her head and laughs uncontrollably. Your journaling made me relive that like it was yesterday instead of 13 years ago (WHAT?!). Thank you so much for sharing this (***she says with smallish tears in her eyes!***). Have a Happy Easter!

  3. Love the cork work and your journalling brings the personality of this little one to life. :)

  4. What you did with your cork is amazing. I love the brick finish look that you got... now I have to collect wine corks... The title is great too. I agree with Contagiously Crafty words on your journalling too. Very lovely layout. Happy Easter Jessica...

  5. Totally LOVE the contrast of your bold, bright blossoms with the texture of the cork bricks! What a great idea, Jessica! And your page is simply gorgeous!

  6. I love your cork bricks! They look fantastic on this layout!

  7. I just love this! Not only is the use of cork awesome...but the title is PERFECT!


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