Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monsters that haunt my dreams

I felt so witty for coming up with that title. I'd really struggled with what to do for the Use It Tuesday theme this week: Creatures. And then I remembered photos from going to watch Monsters University, we'd let the the boys stay up for the "midnight" showing and played it up big with dinner beforehand, popcorn, soda, etc. 

And monsters are definitely creatures. And children are often monsters and they often keep you up at night just like the monsters that keep you awake at night... you get the idea. 

And here's some close-ups of this one for you. The background was created by Vance using a variety of paper and sticker scraps, the oldest of which is the 3Bugs Blast Off! sticker pack (he even used the packaging). There's so many layers mish-mashed together that I had to keep the unstructured feel and used the Citrine 2 MWM sketch from Scrapbooksteals. 

The embellishments are all newish, less than 6 months old, but they are the last of their packs. I love using the last of something, makes room for something new. Am I right or am I right!?!

I did a little package repurposing too, I stamped on some of the package from those buttons, it made for a nice layer but gave me a fit to photograph because it was so reflective. The newest embellishment is the colored staples. ;) Thanks for stopping by, now go link up your "Creatures" project and don't forget to tell us what you used that's hoarded. 


  1. Now that's a fabulous layout! You are right on the whole finishing a package of something. Room for what exactly? Plus- lovin' the colored staples. I noticed even before you said something...

    1. In this case, they made room to be more organized though we both know I could do with a bit more using of supplies and less buying.


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