Monday, October 7, 2013

Sew it on

This is my first week hosting at the Paper Girls Challenge Blog and I'm asking you to sew on your projects! 

I'd packed needle and twine but didn't really have a plan other than "sewing" while packing for the Scrapbooksteals Retreat. The idea for this project came from the fantastic rep from MME, K.C. Like at last year's retreat, he asked a seemingly random set of questions and then set us to work using Winter Wonderland with instructions to make something that wasn't Christmas but was inspired by our answers to those questions. 

While I was cutting and tearing paper I realized some of the little trees I'd cut would make a great banner and I could get my MME bonus for completing AND knock out a challenge project if I sewed them down! Sah-weeeet. 

The question I responded to here was "what's your favorite word?" I chose the word "right" as in the highly sarcastic response. You did notice I used it in my journaling about my helpers doing the dishes. Right?! LOL, I crack myself up! 

Now get going on your sewing, can't wait to see what you make!


  1. Great layout- love the colors and the mix of patterns. Helping is always relative. I suppose the fact that they aren't making a mess somewhere else counts as helpful? Right?!

    1. Relative, schmelative. They're scooping water and splashing and aren't very good at clean up. Unfortunately I accidentally taught the necessary skill of dragging the chair over and turning on the water, I was tired of filling water cups all the time for Vance. Look what it got me. ;) Sometimes it's still as cute as when I took the pictures.


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