Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Page Kits

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I promised a while back to share about some of the exciting things I'm doing at my local store. Today I'm bringing you photos from some of the page kits I've been developing. This batch of kits is all from papers within the same line, they haven't sold well, so we're hoping by giving people some ideas and sketches (by yours truly) that maybe these babies will fly out the door.

This one is titled using a sticker and is "Come Away with Me." It uses Moxxie Nautical and coordinates with a class I'm teaching later this month.

The next two both use Moxxie Zoofari. My goal with these two was to use them but not to do something about the zoo or wildlife. I did choose with the first one to pick really natural type photos, rocks, mulch, bench and they are all fall photos so the colors complemented the papers well.

This one was a bit tongue in cheek (say it ain't so!). I was working on it at the store and came up with that title thinking that "It's like a zoo" could really apply to anything from photos of shopping with the kids to cleaning up their rooms, whatever. And then I got home and was picking out photos and realized that I had three from an event where the city brings in a bunch of trucks and kids can climb all over them (there's a lot of horn honking but they l.o.v.e. it!) and the extra photo space was enough room to tell the story.

And from those photos "It's Like a Zoo for Tons of Trucks" was born. Again, the colors in the photo help tie the photos to the page. All the kits will come with the main title and hopefully the customers will be inspired to subtitle it on their own.

Now, what can you create using paper in your stash that you've avoided using because it's not your typical style? I wanna see.


  1. All three are great layouts with fabulous ideas for thinking outside the box. I'll be wishing you some success getting the kits sold. Keep at it, there's a bit of traction that you need to generate. Eventually, I'm hoping all this work will pay off for you and the LSS.

  2. Hi there---just letting you know that you won the Commenting Prize at the Magnolia-licious Challenge Blog (which will post tomorrow). Email Diana Crick directly at ladydian@shaw.ca for prize details. Congrats & thanks for following along with us!


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