Tuesday, April 24, 2012

another clock

I made another clock face today. Instead of just altering an old one like I did the other day I actually bought a clearanced charger, drilled a whole in it and added the clock mechanism. This clock is for our bedroom, The Scientist has been asking for one in there for ages and I just didn't like anything enough to buy it! But I LOVE this one.

Today's clock face is Authentique Blissful. I fussy cut the "numbers" from a Blissful 6x6 pad.  ColorBox Chestnut Roan to ink the edges, Pebbles Chalks, and Imaginese D-stress to age it a bit. Brads were stash.

Clock in it's place on the wall

Detail pic of clock face
Unfortunately, the clock kept time before adding that center Authentique icon. Because it isn't now I assume that means that the paper is obstructing it in some way and I'll have to make a run to the craft store for a longer... whatever that part is called!

In other news, it's still April so I'm still trying to be intentional with some random acts of kindness and last week someone stole the tip jar from my workplace. The girls who were working were really upset about it - partly because they need that money for real life expenses (whereas I use that money for crafting!).  So I slipped the tips I'd earned the previous week (they get distributed weekly based on hours worked) back into the pool. Questions about the theft came up in our shift meeting last night and everyone was getting super negative about the situation so I told them a customer had made a donation. That lifted the mood instantly. It was kind of fun, though I think my boss was onto me because of the weird way he said to pass the thanks to the anonymous customer.

Then today, one of the girls made a comment about only having a few cans of food in her house (payday isn't until next week). This week's tips bought her some produce, okay, a lot of produce. I just couldn't help myself.

50 Project Challenge
Done: 22
Cheated: 1x

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