Monday, June 17, 2013

Beautiful Mess

No seriously, it was a mess, at the time it was fairly funny but I wasn't to thinking it was beautiful yet. So I'm sitting in a class, merrily using a Tim Holtz Distress dauber and suddenly I'm wearing white paint. Thankfully it seemed to miss the quilt behind me and cleaned off the floor easily enough but it took a full on shower to clean the paint from my skin! 

Now to the beautiful part, I love my art. Through that crazy mess I managed to have some great conversations with other crafters and made a mini album to boot. See, beautiful, so this page is my tribute to that evening. Yes, I made almost as big of a mess creating those paint globs as I did on accident at the class.

And a close- up so you can see just how bad it was as well as some of the details on the tag. 

So the class was taught by Sue from Genuinely Jane Studios and we were talking about one of the challenges she had going - to use the logo on a project. I got overly excited and cut their Jane out of an insert that came when I recently ordered from them and planned to adhere it to this 12x12 page. When I went back to get the link to the challenge I realized it was supposed to be a silhouette of Jane and on either a 6x6 or in a journal. I'm not a huge fan of 6x6 so I decided to try my hand at art journaling about a favorite summer memory, in this case a summer tradition. And I definitely got the direction of my journaling from the page so I'm glad I made that oops!

For a first run, I give it a thumbs up! I realize that most art journaling is heavy on the art but I really had a story to tell this time so I just used the Jane as an accent on the page.  I even went one farther and explained the inspiration for choices on the left side - dude, if I ever become famous someone will love it. Hahaha!

I forgot how rough it is to read through Glimmer Mist, so I'll summarize the journaling: growing up summer was all about arts and crafts. I think my mom did that so that we were busy and not fighting. Eventually I grew to love it and am so thankful to her for giving me "permission" to explore my creative side. Things with arts and crafts can be quite messy, but there's always beauty to be found in the end. 


  1. I love most that you scrapped a picture of yourself covered in paint! It is definitely one for the books! It is a beautiful mess. Great job on the evening out.


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