Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I don't often post photos of my workspace - normally because the photos turn out weird colors and I'd have to clean up my mess, but today I had to clean up anyway so I thought I'd make an exception. It just so happens that Scrapbooksteals has a MCM that focuses on organizing. Good timing, me!

This little pink shelf I picked up at a thrift store, it was a boring color (pine?), but I knew it would work to hold the inks that I use most frequently. At that time it wasn't all Ranger Distress Inks, but you know when you're addicted to buying a supply... anywho, I labeled them all with my K&Co Smashbook labeler. The glue on the back of the labels wasn't tough enough on its own and needed some help from my Scotch Quick Dry adhesive.

Speaking of buying supplies, here's my glitter glue/Stickles, washi, and buttons. Um, all the washi and buttons are two deep so I only see one row normally but at least it's all handy when I need it! 

In case you were curious, the shelf is from Silhouette and was their advent calendar two years ago. I'd bought it as a steal right after the holidays and "accidentally" put it to use here, thankfully another popped up in the Steals archive so I could buy a second for it's original purpose. 

And for those who are new around here, my desktop is super brightly colored - I painted it after converting Rylan's crib into a desk. You can read more about that here, go check it out, it was much cleaner a year ago!

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