Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Chore Monsters Tattoos

Some time ago we decided to use an app called Chore Monster to act as our chore chart for the kidlets. As with anything there are a wealth of ways to use and misuse things, especially when it comes to bribing children to do chores. Our kids don't really understand money yet, but they can see the points they are earning and those points can "buy" them a variety of things from freezer popscicles, videogame time, or an action figure. 

The app was sending a series of notifications after the boys checked off such things as "brush your teeth" and "put clothes in hamper" and my coworkers were questioning the notifications that were popping up. When I showed them what the app was all about they started doing tasks around the store with relish, asking for a chore monster after each. 

The chore monster references were getting a bit out of hand so I made them monster tattoos using designs from the Silhouette design store: #29679, #29678, #29677, #29676 and Silhouette tattoo paper. 

Once the tattoos and instructions were printed up I pocketed them into page protectors and sealed them with my WRMK Photo Fuse. Temporary tattoos, you'd have thought that I gave them the moon by their reactions. Seriously, they were so excited. 


  1. Oh my you must be 8 e 8 the best coworkers ever! What a fabulous idea for your boys and what a fun thing for the coworkers.

  2. We really did! I put mine on my hand so that everyone would see and be baffled by the awesome. Some of us are even talking about buying her more paper so that we can keep earning our monsters!


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