Monday, September 14, 2015

Disney pocket page album

Okay kids, here it is - my first entirely pocket page album! I put it together in under a week, after months of avoiding the "daunting" task of starting. I was determined to make the style work for this project, of over 2000 photos taken (after throwing out the absolutely awful images) I'd printed over 400 and knew I'd need a way to really pack them in. There's no way that traditional 12x12 pages/my typical style was going to work with that many photos. I would have needed several albums instead of this single one that I used. 

Rather than make what could quite possibly be the world's longest photo heavy post (or break it up into separate posts) I made a quick slideshow. It's about 3 minutes long, no audio. 

In the end I ended up using less than 400 pictures, probably closer to 350, but I think they told the story well. I've decided that I like the format. I don't think I'll use the style exclusively but definitely for events oriented scrapping. And next time I plan to take photos as I complete pages, and before Fusing in things - some of my slides would have benefited greatly. Alas, my main goal was to complete the book and I hadn't looked into how most people share their pocket pages online. Couple that with some grainy images (that's what happens when you use your phone and camera and get photos from two other people, sometimes the best story won't be the one that was shot clearest). 
  • The pockets themselves are a mix of WRMK and Simple Stories. I also used one assorted pack of Simple Stories Photo Flips.
  • All papers and most of the embellishments were from Simple Stories Say Cheese and Say Cheese II.
  •  The gold glass glitter in the large shaker pocket is from Prima. 
  • I think some of the Disney licensed stickers on the outsides of the pockets were Jolee's, I don't remember the brands though and that trash already went out. 
  • And the WRMK Photo Fuse sure made some of those pockets/the shaker easier to use. Have you ever tried to keep paper in that super skinny 12x2 pocket? Nearly impossible, in the past I've closed it with washi but knew that fusing it would look so much nicer.
All of the products used in this project were my own but because I still have a good relationship with my LSS it will be on display there soon as an example of pocket scrapbooking/Fuse/Say Cheese. 

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