Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Halloween mini book

Still playing catch-up on some of those projects that never got posted. I think with this one I'll be caught up to projects that I've been creating since I began blogging again.

I've never been a big one for Halloween festivities. We do the dress-up thing for the boys but not much else. When Dala asked me to use up some older Pebbles papers for a mini book I about groaned out loud. But really, this line is super cutesy and was sort of fun to make. 

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy these scary pages. 

A small page flap, yay. 

Watch the spider...

because inside things get a little spookier. 

Mmm, more flaps. 

Apparently, I got carried away with those early pages because this one is pretty simple.

And yes, I pre-sewed all those back pages for my students. The class heaved a sigh of relief when they realized that the effect was created for them. 

Next time they may not be so lucky...

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  1. I'm ever so impressed with the work you did during your "hiatus"!! It seems like the most creative and out of the box work you've done. Then I browse back through your posts and recognize this is just reflective of who you are... and why you are such an inspiration to me. Great job. I can't want to see what you do next.


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