Tuesday, June 12, 2012

flower and vase

Sometime last fall Pinterest and I became acquainted. Among projects that caught my attention early on were all the numerous glass bottles wrapped in string - mostly jute. Now for some reason I don't have any hanging around, but I do have some fuzzy yarn thanks to my crochet days. So I wrapped a bottle in this fabulous cheap purple yarn. That day I felt a need to accomplish a mindless project - scrapbooking would have taken to much brain power that I didn't have to give. The bottle's shape warranted some hot glue in a couple of spots, just in case you feel the need to try this project out. I don't know if any of the original projects used any glue, I only ever looked at the pins of those particular projects!

Anyway, so I had this purple vase on my desk since a couple of days before we converted it from the crib. In my world, that's a long time for a project to not have a home or a purpose so today's project was to make some flowers for it.

I logged into the Silhouette store and found some lovely 3D tulips. After cutting them on pink card stock (why did I feel a need to buy so many solid card stock packs when I started scrapbooking? I have tons of solid that I.NEVER.USE) I used the instructions with the file to layer them. The first two looked eh, but then I got the hang of it and went ahead and inked up the rest of them. Scrapbooking tape was okay, but you really had to hold it in place. I gave up and used hot glue since it dries so fast.

For the stems I wanted something psuedo realistic - the floral wire I had was to thin and pipe cleaner was fat and fuzzy, so I used wooden skewers that I shaded with two green markers.

I'm quite happy with the result. Next time I do a glass bottle project from Pinterest it should probably include fire - I'm really feeling the need to do one of those cut glass projects...

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