Saturday, June 23, 2012

photo editing

It's Saturday night, my craft desk is a mess and I've been working on pre-scheduling some posts. I'm really hoping that I can get a nice little collection set up before leaving for our vacation. As I was working on doing so I started to feel badly for myself - I haven't done much scrapping this week. And then I realized why!

I took my first class this week. It was a freebie she was doing during her birthday week: Photoshop Top 5. I feel like I really learned a lot in the lessons I've completed - the 5th lesson was a live webinar on creating a blog header that I couldn't make it to so I'm waiting for it to be posted tomorrow or Monday sometime. Hopefully you'll see a fun new header in the coming weeks from that experience!

But for now here's a picture I edited based on the lesson on apply textures.
Squirrel flying his Lightning McQueen kite.
There, now I feel better for having something tangible to share and hopefully you'll start seeing some better photos because of this experience. Now to just find some tips on how to take photos of layouts and cards because you can only improve a poor photo sooooo much! 

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