Sunday, June 3, 2012

new space

Squishy for some time now has been able to climb like a mountain goat/monkey. We've been waiting for him to scale the baby gate (he so totally could!) or to launch himself over the side of the crib (he climb up the sides a bit from the front and it wouldn't take much to get him on top). Given that we don't know what's holding him back, other than our prayers, we decided that the best way to train him to sleep in his big boy bed (think August birthday, brother's December birthday and Christmas) was to have a few months of accessibility to toys without the allure of a ladder. Yep, we put the mattress on the floor.

And in so doing created my new creative space.

We spent several hours on Memorial Day disassembling and reassembling it to get it from one room to the other, and after a trip to the hardware store for some particle board I was ready to make a desk like this one I'd seen on Pinterest. The picture takes you to the original blog. ;)

Since I wanted a desk for me, we positioned the springs on the infant (highest) setting. I spray primered that particle board, then spent the next two days painting on the layers. After painting the orange base color, I achieved the chevrons with the help of my handy dandy Silhouette by using vinyl to create a mask. Not quite happy with how some of them still became uneven (uh, hi, no surprise here that even with help I couldn't achieve a straight line) I took a Sharpie and edged all the stripes to sort of finish them off. That helped a lot. And then after a coating of spray acrylic to seal it all in I set up my new craft space. 

new desk
You'll notice in the picture my sewing machine, Silhouette Cameo, laptop (with Target Washi keyboard, another idea from Pinterest) and my Silhouette advent calendar that I've already repurposed to hold all those little things that I used to avoid using because I hated pulling out their containers all the time. Now they're decorative and accessible! Time to make some flowers for the vase and it'll be ready to go. Much better than that rickety old card table I'd been using.

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