Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lending a card making hand

Some people cook, drink or play games with their family. I scrap with my mom. Or shop. Or shop for scrap stuff. And sometimes we take a break to play with the boys and my dad. Okay, most trips home include some variation of all the above. Because I'm much more connected to the blogging world - and all the tutorials and sketches and inspiration photos, etc. - I often have new techniques or ideas for her to try out. It's nice to share all this stuff that I learn about.

So this weekend she was working on making birthday cards for her teacher-mates. She has some 40 cards to make for this coming school year and that doesn't include all the thank you's and baby cards she'd love to do. The problem is that she wants each to be unique - in general and if possible for the individual. That takes time and lots of it!

Together we made about 15 of her 40, 2 made entirely by yours truly when I really needed a break from the project I was working on (a whole bunch of ATCs, can you say repetition kills?!).

Now these photos were done in horrible lighting and on my ever more-dinosaurific phone so please excuse the horrendous quality and just note how cute they are.


Both have MME card bases but both are made from an assortment of scraps that she had - bonus for her  since she seems to always be wanting to use through it!

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