Saturday, June 9, 2012

mirror mirror

A few weeks back I was at a thrift store and found a stack of mirrors for a song, so when The Paper Variety Challenge was to create something using paper other than a page or card I instantly turned to my new toys! They were begging to be used after all.

I started by cutting 12x12 sheets of MME Lost and Found (two colors, 16 triangles) into 6x6s and then triangles. Then I inked them all up and folded into ruffles and glued them to the back of the mirror. I used some scrap cardboard and cut a hangar groove out of the back and then Gorilla Glued the cardboard to the paper/mirror. When it was nice and dry I used hot glue and adhered two layers of ribbon to the beveled edge. Then I misted a too white Prima flower with my Wheat Field October Afternoon Sprinklers, layered all the flower pieces together with a MME Lush Orange brad and then hot glued them to the ribbon seam. 

close-up of the flower

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  1. Great mirror! Aren't altered items fun? Love the colors too. Thanks for linking up with TPV- Holly

  2. Thanks Holly! Altering items is definitely a newish thing for me and therefore very intimidating - sort of how cutting the "good" paper or cropping a photo was in the beginning of scrapbooking. If that hobby is any indication, then it'll just come with time because all my paper is good paper now! LOL


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