Monday, June 25, 2012

Homemade Monday: Wash/Dry

We have a sink at our kitchen window - even better it has one of those mini greenhouse windows! It would be an awesome view if it weren't of our apartment parking lot! Over the years I've dressed it up some, I started with baskets to hold wash cloths and kitchen towels since I didn't have enough drawers. Then I added some  plants in the greenhouse.

Now back when dishes were my chore (Scientist would do laundry) the wash clothes and towels stayed  in their respective baskets. All. The. Time. without fail. And it was super useful, so useful that we stopped using paper towels and in our thriftyness only use cloth.

These days not so much with the organization. Which means they fairly often get used for the "wrong" tasks if what you want is less accessible.

So I made these nifty little tags for the baskets: Wash and Dry. I'd had some plastic tags (ID badge tags from the office supplies area) left from labeling the toy storage containers and sized them to those.


At least if they don't help the "problem" they're still pretty cute.

For these tags: MME Lush 2 Orange, MME Lost and Found Union Station, Karen Foster alpha stickers, Colorbox Sour Apple (for inking edges and alphas) and Twine.

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