Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Masterpieces aka vinyl doodling

It's time for a new challenge at Use It Tuesday. This time we're asking you to do something "Sticky" challenge and don't forget to use and tell us about those hoarded items!

I decided on this one quite by accident, I'd had some vinyl out to cut a wall sentiment for a friend and wanted to put some of the scraps to use. 

But back up a bit, a year or so ago I'd cut the word "Masterpieces" and hung a curtain rod as a display for Vance's art work. It was falling off the wall so I replaced it. Then I added a flourish, and another and two hours later I'd "doodled" around my title. The hubs was more than a little surprised to see my alterations - from a black stately font to this. HA!

And I love it. Other than the title all those vinyl cuts are from scraps that I've had for nearly two years! I have a feeling that the vinyl won't stay this time either but as fun as this was I don't even care. 

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  1. So wonderful. Vance must love the special space to show off his creations and you must love how creative that space is!


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